Truss Automation

Desawyer 2000 – Machine Automation Software Package

  • Windows XP multi-threaded client application for machine operator
  • Import Design Software from all major Truss Design Software available
  • Mathematically orient truss parts according to machine’s optimum setup speeds and highest quality output. Ability to re-orient or completely customize each individual element giving operator fast and accurate production.
  • Job flow control for plant production, recording current jobs on production, priority checking, notifies other stations in plant of completed products for transfer.
  • Sorting/Ordering/Queuing tasks and batches for machine operator base on server
  • Server Application to distribute jobs to machines based on availability and machine restrictions
  • Two tier client/server production reporting software to record machine production by job, operator, day, season, etc. Help management get statistical information to get production forecasts, system downtime and production bottle neck analysis.
  • Remote Production Reporting software using Crystal Reports, used for live production report viewing for management and maintenance.
  • Socket communication with server, other machinery in the production system such as lumber stackers, conveyor belts, forklifts, and various marking equipment.
  • Other communication used such as OFS/OPC Server, Modbus TCP/IP to communication with machinery PLC for full machine control. (Modicon Telemecanique PLC used)
  • Using serial and parallel communication for use with label printers, inkers and other marking systems.
  • Full life cycle from product design, implementation, testing to distribution was my responsibility. more

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Desawyer ES/ESC – Next Generation Of Desawyer 2000 (2006 – 2007)

  • This application is using the current SERVO technology for Machinery automation
  • Includes all features discussed as Desawyer 2000 with additional enhancements and technologies
  • Using Allen Bradley closed looped network system for PLC.
  • Added new web based interfaces to view production information.

Deroto Sawyer – roto bit techonolgy with use to cut trusses (2005 – 2006)

  • Windows XP client application for machine operator
  • Import Design files from all available industry standards
  • Optimize multiple components of trusses to be cut using one standard size components. Minimize scrap by nesting cut patterns using custom algorithms.
  • Organize and help operator keep track of production requests and flow control.
  • Communicate and synchronize with server for job requests and request required material to delivery systems.
  • Communication with SquareD – Modicon Telemecanique PLC using Modbus TCP/IP. more

Single Arm Sawyer – Next Generation Deroto Sawyer (2006 – 2007)

  • Windows XP client application for machine operator
  • 6 axis of motion control for component design. Single blade will be coordinated to create custom truss components with 3D 360 motions of control to create double beveled cuts on a given component.
  • Optimize multiple components to minimize scrap and number of cuts required to create components.
  • Communication using G&L Motion Control PLC technologies

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Two Bladed Sawyer –Simple 2 angle Sawyer (2006 )

  • Windows XP client application for machine operator
  • High production 2 bladed saw with networking and job management systems
  • Communication using Allen Bradley PLCs with DDE server.

Other Applications and tasks performed at Monet Desauw (2002-2007 )

  • Create and maintain company website
  • Tech-support and training for all products on the software end
  • Company network administrator

BCMC Trade show preparation and product demoing at show (2002-2006)

  • Methods used for development: C++, COM, ADO, SQL, Crystal Reports, Sockets, Dreamweaver, Adobe Creative Suite, SQL Server 2000