I always enjoyed developing various application through out the years. Have written many applications that I haven’t had time to finalize. Here are some that I was to some what finalize

OpenGL Demo

OpenGL Simple Demo Simple OpenGL demo using Borland C++ Builder Testing gravity and boundries in 3D space….


OpenGL and AI Demo

OpenGL and AI Demo Here is a demo of AI created in C++ Codegear 2009 Player with red circle around will try to survive zombies walking around the scene Player is AI controlled, it sees zombies 3 blocks ahead, and it cannot go over walls or blue ponds Zombies can only see up to one block …


Daks Calculator


Search It Program

Search and edit files on your harddrive. Easy little application to quickly search your harddrive for your files and view/edit them….

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Poker Director

Direct your poker games, your player lists, emails, blind setup, and event clocks to help you enjoy your poker party better….

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