• Developing windows 32-bit applications since 1997.
  • Development Platforms: C++ Builder, Visual Studio and Delphi.
  • Libs: Borland VCL, Microsoft Active X, COM
  • Components: TMS Pack, Component One Flex Grid
  • Communication: Modem, COM, DDE Server, TCP/IP
  • Graphics: OpenGL, DirectX, Viewpoint SDK
  • Reporting engines: Crystal Reports, Quick Reports
  • Database engines: ADO, MS Jet, MS Access, BDE, MySQL, MS SQL
  • Deployment using Wise Installer, InstallAware and Install Shield

Onscreen Takeoff

This is a prototype Onscreen Takeoff application I developed for SEMCO. Allows user to open Tiff builder schematic and measure duct components on the screen. Continuous mode allows user to keep adding components fast, just have to give the transition size. As …

Excavation Volume and Estimation Program

Create windows based application that which civil engineers can use to calculate excavation data using elevation maps. Use GTCO digitizer to trace elevation information into application and convert it to GUI that customer can modify and figure volume, labor and cost calculations. Will calculat…

Air Advisor - Product Selection Application

Single tier sales and engineering tool for SEMCO DWP department Windows based distributable client application This system gives the user ability to choose SEMCO products available and configure those using engineering standards and pricing. Engineers are …

Two tier sales and distribution application (Developed in partner with one other developer) This application lets customers create orders using a client interface and be able to send each job by email to SEMCO. All items are highly customizable for user giving optimal fl…