Multi USB Copier

This application allows user to copy a folder into multiple USB drives. Great for making duplicate USBs….


Avaya Phone Log Reader

This application reads logs generated by Avaya Phone system (using Kiwi software, http://www.kiwisyslog.com/downloads.aspx) and converts it phone usage data by user. Create in/out call counts and durations Create report by month, day or period Search by user Create departments and assign…

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Generate PC Info Wall Paper

This application creates a wall paper(background image) with PC information. Helps me keep track of multiple servers on a KVM switch….


Daks NC Helper

  • CNC File reader written in C++ Builder 6 access MS Access database for G code descriptions.
  • Search NC file for G Codes
  • Quick references for each G Code (on right panel)
  • Show all tool changes
  • Syntax Highlighting