Authentication Server

  • Previously all users had to use a key that expires every 6 months. The key is created by a separate application which another employee creates and emails to all the users. This is a painful process because users will not update the software or the key when we intend it to.

  • The new system will authorize any application with a key and pc configuration. The configuration is used to lock the application to a specific machine, therefore ensuring no abuse and verify for latest updates.

  • As this application required me to use a web based application I came up with a php /MySQL solution.

  • This application will help the company in many aspects. With customers approval it will do data mining for the sales application. This will help us generate statistical trends and forecast to better serve our customers. Basic idea is it behaves like Windows XP activation process. You have a key to install application and then you have to call home to activate it once for that machine. If user changes any vital hardware identities they will have to re-register to run application.

  • Air Advisor and Microlink will both use this system to receive keys and register users using this server.

  • The new system is setup so that future updates of application will be automatically distribute from the system.