My name is Dak Ariyaratne. I am originally from in Sri Lanka and lived in the US for 22 years now. First moved to Columbia Missouri and since then I have lived in New York City, New Jersey, Indianapolis and St Louis. 

I have been developing software since 13 years old. Started with a Sinclair ZX81 and then to a Laser 128 (Apple IIe compatible).  Initially I went to University of Missouri College of Engineering to pursue Computer and Electrical Engineering, but realised my passion for Software Development. I have been developing profesional level software since 1997. Started with Product Selection Software, work on 3D plugin for Viewpoint, and then to Robotics and Automation as a consultant.

I countine to train my self in latest techonologies such that I can tackle new projects with new solutions.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Dak Ariyaratne




My work station (5 machines connected 8 monitors)


My Pets :-)

My Lola