• In-order to conform with Flaktwoods Corp Web site standard I was required to convert SEMCO site to match.
  • Due to complexity and cost for changing old website, I created a content managment system and converted all site content to it. Due to lack of resource all development was done by me.
  • Written in PHP, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery and MySQL backend. Also it communicates with SEMCO internal Lotus Notes application via XML.
  • Content Management system allows admin users at SEMCO to create, update and delete content on demand.
  • Company site migrated to new platform as of 1/1/2016




  • I used the same content management system to develop this DACLLC website.
  • Based on PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript and MySql. Also use ckeditor for content editing.
  • Allows me to edit the website without  needing to touch the HTML.
  • Give ability to add any PHP applictions directly into the site without having to learn a new plug-in architecture such Word Press or Joomla.